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They're not fireflies...
...And you're not seeing things. They're Faeries.

Yes, that's right, I'll give you a moment to blink and process that. Because really, Ele and Haven's brains are sort of made of crack. So let's take a moment to rewind, and give you a frame of reference.

In the world of fanfiction, mash-up pairing names can be a little ridiculous. In Leverage, for instance, Eliot/Sophie becomes Elphie. It just sounds silly, don't you think? Now, now, before anyone takes offense... picture Elphie as a small purple faerie that tinkles instead of speaking. Much more adorable, don't you think? And that right there is the birth of this strange little verse of ours.

Because we couldn't just leave it as one faerie, and we couldn't just leave them out of context. So before we knew it, Elphie was living in a guitar case in Christian Kane's and Steve Carlson's music room.

Which brings me to my next point. There's RPS here - as a blanket disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Please, don't take any of this seriously. If it's not your thing, please just slide on by. We're just having a bit of fun, and putting it out there where our friends can enjoy it too.

So feel free to take a peek. We hope you enjoy yourselves! (And don't forget... comments are love!)

Ele ~//~ Haven

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